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Name: jacob
Age: 20
Gender: male
Food: sushi, specifically, calamari rolls
Drink: sangria
Book: it’s kind of a funny story or anything by h.p. lovecraft
Film: school of rock/princess and the frog/grand budapest hotel/a ton more
TV Shows: adventure time/regular show/steven universe/parks and recreation/it’s always sunny in philadephia/king of the hill/bob’s burgers
Band: i guess of monsters and men? it varies depending on the day lol
Place: i really wanna visit london england
Celebrity: emma stone, janelle monae, chris pratt, amy poehler
Best Friend: i have a lot tbh i don’t wanna list em all
Hometown: bowling green (that area at least)
Siblings: 1 younger sister and an older stepsister
Dream Job: actor or writer
Fears: flying insects that bite/sting, spiders, when it’s way too quiet
Tattoos: none
Piercings: nope
Languages: english and very little german

Reasons behind my URL: yoshi’s island is one of my favorite games ever and this url wasn’t taken
Why I joined: my sister and friend wanted me to
First URL: jacobsmomhasthegout
# of blogs: i use one but i’m thinking about starting more
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in exams like



Makeup Transformations



Sorry I’m not attracted to necromancers :/

they can raise the dead but not your dick


Paddle-ball is a fun game but it’s not nearly as risky nor intense as paddle-egg. It’s the adventurers game.


when you meet a bunch of relatives who claim to remember you